Because of You…

The Arc of St. Lucie County can continue to provide the opportunity for hope, for growth, for change; the opportunity for everyone to become a valued, contributing member of their community.

We empower people with disabilities to achieve a full and satisfying life. By giving them help in achieving their goals and dreams, we also help their parents, their families, and their communities.

Your critically needed donation provides the opportunity for all of us to make a difference.

Click the link below and give a donation today… $25 can provide snacks to the Children’s Program for a week. $50 can provide classroom supplies in our Vocational Training Lab for 4 students. $100 can help us provide lunches to 80 people in our Adult Day Training Program for a week. $500 can help us get a computer for our computer lab. $1,000 can provide (much needed) new chairs for our ADT classrooms.



Did you know?

About 2% of people are born with an intellectual or developmental disability.

2% of the population of the State of Florida is: 419,600 (as of 2017).

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