About Us

The mission of The Arc of St. Lucie County is to empower persons with disabilities to attain an improved quality of life in the community through ongoing advocacy, and the provision of highest quality services and support.
The Arc of St. Lucie County, Inc. is a private not-for-profit corporation that provides a comprehensive array of services to individuals with intellectual, physical, and developmental disabilities in our community. The Arc is dedicated to enabling individuals we serve to choose and realize their goals of where and how to live, learn, work and play.  It is the strong belief of the staff and the Board of Directors that all individuals who are served by The Arc are entitled to a quality of life equivalent to that of non-disabled individuals in the surrounding community.

The Arc provides numerous opportunities for individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities to grow and develop.

These opportunities are provided in an array of settings, ranging from day programs to community-based employment, to vocational training to group homes.  Using innovative training and teaching methods, these opportunities focus on maximizing independence.

Currently, The Arc serves over 150 individuals in a variety of settings, ranging from adult and children’s day programs to community-based employment services to vocational training to group homes. We employ over 80 associates, including managerial, direct-care support, and transportation staff. 

The Arc strives to maintain the highest standards of excellence in training and support, advocacy and service.

The Arc has grown steadily since its inception in 1954. The Executive Director oversees the day to day operations of the organization under a Board of Directors. The Arc’s self-governing character is demonstrated by full management policy, controlled by a self perpetuating Board which elects its own members.  Management and policy decisions are based on the premise that people must be able to make their own choices.

The Arc Team

Management Team

Board of Directors

  • Curtis Boyd – President
  • Charles Shafer – Vice President
  • Cheryl Dempsey – Treasurer
  • Lisa Hansler – Secretary
  • Tammy Crouse– Director
  • Alesha Fuller – Director
  • Lisa Hansler – Director
  • Christena Patterson – Director
  • Caleb Gillette – Director
  • George King – Director
  • Troy Ingersoll – Director
  • Barbara Guettler – Director

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Why Become A Member?

Your membership means The Arc can continue providing services, advocacy, and supports to people with intellectual or developmental disabilities in St. Lucie County.  They are counting on us!  And we are counting on you!

By joining our network of more than 140,000 members and close to 700 affiliated chapters nationwide, you can be a part of the largest grassroots movement to protect the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).

As part of this network, you’ll be connected to others with and without disabilities who share your beliefs and your challenges. Self-advocates (an individual with I/DD), their family members, experts and professionals in the field and advocates and activists work together through The Arc to ensure that people with I/DD have the resources to meet their needs and live self-determined lives.


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Did you know?

About 2% of people are born with an intellectual or developmental disability.

2% of the population of the State of Florida is: 419,600 (as of 2017).

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